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Proceedings book(s)

Dear colleagues,

beacuse of high number of lectures and posters, according situation following last Congress in Brisbane, we produced two proceedings books from this Congress. 

ZooKeys, 510  &  Acta Societatis Zoologicae Bohemicae, 80 (1) 

cover of Proceeding volume in ZooKeys   &  Proceedinhs book in ASZB


Content of ZooKeys proceedings book

Dolejš P.: Type specimens of centipedes (Myriapoda, Chilopoda) in the National Museum, Prague (Czech Republic)

Wesener T., Voigtländer K., Decker P., Oeyen J.P., Spelda J. & Lindner N.: First results of the German Barcode of Life (GBOL) – Myriapoda project: Cryptic lineages in German Stenotaenia linearis (Koch, 1835) (Chilopoda, Geophilomorpha)

Del Latte L., Bortolin F., Rota-Stabelli O., Fusco G. & Bonato L.: Molecular-based estimate of species number, phylogenetic relationships and divergence times for the genus Stenotaenia (Chilopoda, Geophilomorpha) in the Italian region

Oeyen J.P. & Wesener T.: Steps towards a phylogeny of the pill millipedes: non-monophyly of the family Protoglomeridae, with an integrative redescription of Eupeyerimhoffia archimedis (Diplopoda, Glomerida)

Edgecombe G.D., Vahtera V., Giribet G. & Kaunisto P.: Species limits and phylogeography of Newportia (Scolopendromorpha) and implications for widespread morphospecies

Golovatch S.I.: Cave Diplopoda of southern China with reference to millipede diversity in Southeast Asia

Stoev P., Akkari N., Komericki A., Edgecombe G.D. & Bonato L.: At the end of the rope: Geophilus hadesi sp. n. – the world’s deepest cave-dwelling centipede (Chilopoda, Geophilomorpha, Geophilidae)

David J.-F. & Coulis M.: Millipedes faced with drought: the life cycle of a Mediterranean population of Ommatoiulus sabulosus (Linnaeus) (Diplopoda, Julida, Julidae)

Leśniewska M., Jastrzębski P., Stańska M. & Hajdamowicz I.: Centipede (Chilopoda) richness and diversity in the Bug River valley (Eastern Poland)

Nefedieva J.S., Nefediev P.S., Sakhnevich M.B. & Dyachkov Y.V.: Distribution of millipedes along an altitudinal gradient in the south of Lake Teletskoye, Altai Mts, Russia (Diplopoda)

Papastefanou G., Panayiotou E., Mylonas M. & Simaiakis S.M.: Centipede assemblages along an urbanization gradient in the city of Heraklion, Crete (Greece)

Bogyó D., Magura T., Nagy D.D. & Tóthmérész B.: Distribution of millipedes (Myriapoda, Diplopoda) along a forest interior – forest edge – grassland habitat complex

Tuf I.H., Chmelík V., Dobroruka I., Hábová L., Hudcová P., Šipoš J. & Stašiov S.: Hay-bait traps are a useful tool for sampling of soil dwelling millipedes and centipedes

Short M.: New records of Lophoproctus coecus Pocock, 1894 (Diplopoda, Polyxenida, Lophoproctidae) extend the range of the genus Lophoproctus

Ravnjak B. & Kos I.: The current knowledge on centipedes (Chilopoda) in Slovenia: faunistic and ecological records from a national database

Hilken G., Edgecombe G.D., Müller C.H.G., Sombke A., Wirkner C.S. & Rosenberg J.: Interaction of the tracheal tubules of Scutigera coleoptrata (Chilopoda, Notostigmophora) with glandular structures of the pericardial septum

Koch M., Schulz J., Edgecombe G.D.: Tentorial mobility in centipedes (Chilopoda) revisited: 3D reconstruction of the mandibulo-tentorial musculature of Geophilomorpha

Kronmüller C. & Lewis J.G.E.: On the function of the ultimate legs of some Scolopendridae (Chilopoda, Scolopendromorpha)

Content of ASZB proceedings book

Evsyukov A., Golovatch S. & Reip H.S.: The millipede genus Strongylosoma in the Caucasus (Diplopoda: Polydesmida, Paradoxosomatidae)

Kania G., Kowalski R. & Pietraś R.: Defensive secretions in millipede species of the order Julida (Diplopoda)

Lewis J.G.E.: On the consistency of some taxonomic characters in the Scolopendromorpha and comments on the scolopocryptopid subfamily Kethopinae (Myriapoda: Chilopoda)

Tajovský K. & Tuf I.H.: An annotated checklist of the millipedes (Diplopoda) recorded in the Czech Republic

Tuf I.H., Čmielová L. & Šipoš J.: Conglobation as a defensive behaviour of pill millipedes (Diplopoda: Glomerida)

Tuf I.H. & Tajovský K.: An annotated checklist of the centipedes (Chilopoda) recorded in the Czech Republic

Voigtländer K., Decker P., Burkhardt U. & Spelda J.: The present knowledge of the Symphyla and Pauropoda (Myriapoda) in Germany – an annotated checklist

Zenkova I.V.: Myriapods (Myriapoda) occurring on plains and in mountain ecosystems on the Kola Peninsula (Russia)