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Instructions to participants

There will be usual equipment for lectures – PC with installed MS Office. You can use PowerPoint MS or Adobe Acrobat for your lecture, if you need any other special software, do not hesitate to contact us.


Paper posters of size up to 120 × 100 cm (portrait) will be temporarily glued on boards. Copy-centre with possibility to print posters up to size A0 is beside Student  Dormitory, opening hours are 7:30-18:00. Prices are 480-990 CZK per square metre depending quality of paper and printing.


Abstract should involve full title, full names of all authors and coauthors (with CAPITALISED surnames), affiliations of them, e-mail address of corresponding author and text part of length up to approx. 3,333 letters (including spaces).

Please, send the abstracts in time (deadline 15 May) via email to IHT (, abstracts submitted latter will not be included in the abstracts book!


Manuscripts should follow instruction to authors of the journal ZooKeys or the journal Acta Societatis Zoologicae Bohemicae. See section Proceedings book(s).